• Gray Baynes + Shew: Nameplate
    Gray Baynes + Shew: Nameplate
  • Gray Baynes + Shew: Office
    Gray Baynes + Shew: Office
About us

Gray Baynes + Shew is an award-winning architectural practice, based in Oxford.  We are passionate about good design and careful customer service. We work across a range of business sectors including Education and Healthcare and create buildings for all kinds of people and organisations. Environments for work, for learning, for healing, for rest, for play or for worship – people are always at the heart of the spaces we create.

We have three partner architects, each with their own areas of expertise, who collaborate across sectors and projects to maximise the benefits of their experience for clients and end users.

Over the years our architectural practice has received a number of architectural awards, the results of some of our work has helped to change history and you will recognise some of our architectural designs and notable projects.

As part of our customer focused service we guarantee that one of our partner architects is responsible for every project and manages the team from inception to final certificate.

Our Offices - St Thomas House

It is Grade II listed and was first listed in 1972, it was built in 1893 and was designed by Clapton Crabb Rolfe and was once the Vicarage to St Thomas the Martyr's Church. We are lucky to have a spacious garden and ample parking for clients in Oxford city centre